Director, Head Trainer


John Campbell has trained people in circus skills from Tasmania to Queensland, teaching thousands of people that they can actually do this stuff!

“By the end of the day children had learnt to do things they thought impossible in the morning.”

He has worked in over fifty schools in Tasmania, NSW and QLD, and many festivals nation-wide, teaching juggling, tumbling, balances, unicycling, clowning, tightrope, trapeze and a variety of minor tricks. Eventually (!) this led him to obtaining a masters of education.

“John is an inspirational instructor, he has excellent control over the dynamics of the training group and children learn quickly and safely under his guidance.”

His performances include: opera singer with Shakespeare et al; story-teller and dancer with Music Kabau, actor with Omni Theatre; and clown with Bliss Family Circus and Circus Avalon. He is currently one of the Ringmasters of Circus Avalon as well as its director, safety officer and one of its trainers.

Quotes by David Solomon, Circus Coordinator, Mayfield East Primary

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