“You” below refers to the participant. In the case of under 18 participants, parental permission to participate must be given on the enrolment form.


Payments, Refunds and Cancellations

  • Class fees are due on second week of attendance and should be paid online if possible.
  • Class fees are non-transferable and non-refundable unless you are unable to continue for medical reasons and have a medical certificate.


  • New participants are invited to attend one session before deciding to enrol for a term. There are open days available regularly for a free “try out” but you can also attend a regular session.
  • Participation in circus training will only be allowed if you have completed an enrolment form – available online and at the sessions.
  • Re-enrolment is strictly on a first-paid first-in basis each term.


  • The enrolment form outlines our safety policies and the nature of the risk you are taking. This form must be completed before participation.
  • Circus training requires some body contact with the trainers. All trainers have working with children checks and there is a strict “a trainer should never be alone with a single child” policy.
  • The aerial gear is set up and maintained by qualified riggers.
  • Late entry to sessions may not always be permitted if in the opinion of the trainer that creates a safety risk.
  • Participants must wear suitable clothing and shoes and may be excluded from certain activities if the clothing is considered a safety or modesty issue by the trainers.
  • Parents are very welcome to stay and watch any sessions.





Rules for participants

  • Only climb on aerial gear if you have permission from a trainer to do so, or you are with a trainer.
  • If you are practicing without a trainer, you can run through all the tricks you are allowed to do alone. These will be written on the apparatus sheet.
  • Share the gear – it’s for everyone to use.
  • Don’t be on or walk across a landing mat unless you are the one on the aerial apparatus above it.
  • Don’t run or throw things around.
  • Don’t prevent another person from training.


Rules for parents and other people in the space

  • Please be quiet observers and stay in the parents area.
  • Please don’t distract the participants.
  • Please don’t talk during the end-of-session performances. Respect is important.


Behavior management

Note: A significant aim of the circus is to allow children space for free play, learning self-management and self-motivation and discovering how to work well in groups.

  • A person will be quietly and privately informed of the rules and the reason for them
  • If a rule is hard to follow, people may be distracted from breaking it, but this is only a temporary solution.
  • If a person can’t be convinced or distracted they may be excluded for one for more sessions.

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